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Become a tyt member at: tyt emmathe young turks’ emma vigeland ( twitter emmavigeland) breaks down trump’s awful last 24 hours, in whic. Quoting root, mr. trump shared the message that he is "the greatest president for jews and for israel in the history of the world," that "the jewish people in israel love him like he's the king of. The tweet compared trump to “the king of israel” and described him as being akin to “the second coming of god.” it went on to criticize “american jews” who don’t like and support trump. Donald trump on wednesday tweeted a quote from a right wing conspiracy theorist who called him "the king of israel." “president trump is the greatest president for jews and for israel in the. So trump looked elsewhere for answers, and lo, he found an unhinged supporter who says israelis (the real jews!) love trump like the “king of israel” and “the second coming of god.” then.

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Trump says jews should love him because he’s almost literally jesus. donald trump, king of the jews. photo: mandel ngan afp getty images. president trump has been vexed recently by the refusal. Root later emphasized the fact that he was engaging in simile, rather than claiming trump was, in fact, the king of israel or the second coming of christ, or even that israeli jews regard him as such. "wonder how i'm gonna get out of this one." trump then performed google searches on "how not to be king of the jews anymore" and "how did epstein fake his own death" but came up empty. thinking quickly, trump quickly tweeted out, "but honestly, the squad is much more suited to be king of the jews. i humbly pass the honor onto these four brave.

Trump Doubles Down Controversial Message To Jewish Americans: ‘king Of The Jews’ | Deadline | Msnbc

yahoo news' dan klaidman, new york magazine's gabe debenedetti, former congresswoman donna edwards, and former congressman david jolly on the trump is comparing himself to jesus. cenk uygur and ana kasparian, hosts of the young turks, break it down. more tyt: tyt trial read more here: while answering a question about trade with china, president trump says, "i am the chosen one." full video here: 2hilugp. president trump shares comments from radio host saying israeli jews "love trump like he's the second coming of god." trump reiterates comments that president donald trump declared himself “the chosen one,” while defending his administration's decision to continue the trade war with china. subscribe to president donald trump says "i am the chosen one" (at 0:35 mark) while defending his trade war with china in white house remarks to reporters on wednesday president trump takes his questionable rhetoric to new heights as he talks about himself in biblical terms. in the midst of answering a question about the become a tyt member at: tyt emma the young turks' emma vigeland ( twitter emmavigeland) breaks down trump's awful last 24 hours, subscribe to our channel! pygqbu speaking to reporters, trump defended his actions against china arguing that the us has been exploited to the president trump delivered his third official state of the union address to the nation from the us capitol, the night before the senate is scheduled to render its over the years, president trump's rhetoric about jewish americans has resembled the jewish american rhetoric he has decried from other politicians. who is pete davidson? find out why his life is the inspiration for judd apatow's #thekingofstatenisland. facebook: statenislandfb twitter:

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Related image with trump im the king of the jews