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Known as : i want to be a great villainalternative title :恶人要抢救一下 known as 我要当个大坏蛋category : funny, shonen ai, fantasymain writer : yunzhong screenwriter: mu. The wicked want to rescue chapter 34 [english] •bonten react to takemichi as random tiktok gacha•part 2•i deleted part 1•cringe•bonten x takemichi• disney's castle of illusion starring mickey …. Chapter index 1. chapter one 2. chapter two 3. chapter three 4. chapter four 5. chapter five 6. chapter six 7. chapter seven 8. chapter eight 9. chapter nine 10. chapter ten 11. chapter eleven 12. chapter twelve 13. chapter thirteen 14. chapter …. Apr 25, 2021 · chapter 26: the rescue. it's been six months since rightarm was attacked by wicked, six months since teresa betrayed them, six months since katharine's friends were taken away …. General wicked disclaimer: i do not own wicked or any of its characters gelphie disclaimer: this story contains gelphie (a.k.a. elphaba and glinda romance) if you don't like this kind of stuff then ….

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Related image with the wicked want to rescue chapter 34 english